Fever 40 degrees 14 days, 4 hospitals, 4 doctors internis could not find my illness


This is true story in my life,  started from back pain on 3 April 2011, yes i only take rest and drunk some pills but day by day i feel more serious until I can’t stand up properly, then 7 April I permit to my boss take leave half day then I go to Hospital to check my illness, then until hospital at Emergency Room, my back felt very pain, and never felt pain like this before, then doctor give injection anti -pain, then the nurse take my blood and urine bring to lab and take some test, then while i waiting the result test lab, I slept 2 hours, after that the pin in my back is gone, I did not felt pain again then doctor give me prescription drug for pain and vitamin. and the result my blood and urine test is negative for Malaria or Typhoid doctor, he did not found my illness only said need rest. so he gave me  Medical Card

I felt strange because after back from hospital, i started got fever in the night 37-40 degree :(, i still keep positif thinking while i finished the drug maybe if i finished the drug the fever will gone, but the truth not until the drug finished i still fever then 10 April I change doctor and change hospital, enter to Emergency Room again and they take my blood and urine again and the result is I’m fine the doctor did not found my illness, negative for malaria or Typhoid and the funny is the Doctor said i got virus but he can’t explain what kind of viruses (stupid doctor) so thats make me disappointed, then he gave me so many drug type (about 6 types) and I pay then back, hmmm i drunk the medicine everyday but the fever40 degree still after i drunk medicine the fever is gone but 5 minute came again its happen every time, until 3 days (untul the medicine from doctor is finished), i felt so bad, i’m dying, fever, my body is thinner :(, i’m so weak, i have no power otherwise i have do evertything alone, no family and my money day by day is used just for medical and i can’t work :(,

until 3 days i still fever then on 13th April go to hospital international hospital, in there my friend bring me to there and they are waiitng me, the doctor take my blood and urine again, but the the doctor already suggestion i must bed rest at hospital because my body too weak and the fever is very high this is not good for me, so with thinking and waiting the result ok, i decide to bed rest at hospital and i used my credit card first, and the result is normal the doctor can’t found my sickness then she think maybe i have sickness in my inside part body, then yes at that day i slept at hospital alone, with fever i feel dying, so weak :(, the doctor give injection to relase the fever but the same after 2 hours the fever come again, and on 14th April i do some test USG, Thorax and the doctor announce the result is on 15th April but the result is my body normal, no illness inside my body,  and my fever still 40 degree then I do test again Rontgen, Scan, blood test and urine doing everyday and the result is again the doctor cant found my Sickness but my fever still, until my body is very very very weak and my parents all my family pray for me from home, the are do praying for me and after that i felt better because my family praying for me I think but after that the fever came again, everyday the hospital give me injection, medicine from the cheap medicine until the expensive medicine and injection but the fever still in my body :(.

Since at hospital my fever not gone, until 5th days in hospital the doctor give up, she did not  found my illness and the fever still then She take decision the last alternative (I don’t know what the name in medical) the connected my body and the tools and to the electrical whole night they do that and in the morning the fever is reduce 37 degree, and after that the fever stable until night, but in face got some red spots in my face and my thigh so many its looks liked measles but the doctor not sure if my sickness is measles, then in the 20th April I check out from hospital, when I check out from hospital with unsatisfied also because the doctor still can’t found my Sickness :(, my mom visit me, she is also visit me to my rent room, she is crying when saw me my body so thin and weak..

after back form hospital, I still not work until 5 days and then I started to work again on 25th April 2011 i work with my face still so many measles, mmmm make me pressure, shy i don’t care the important is i recover now and I always Thank you to Allah, He still gave me health recover from sick, and each 5 days still do check up to the same doctor, still do blood test and urine but the result is still same i still weak only wasting my money :(, I think I will feel full recovered but not yet, what I felt is my body still sick weak if back from work i feel so tired and the fever still come and go :(, I lost weight 7kg, my hair easy drop :(,  oh I really need my family I want beside my mom, I need somebody to protected me i can’t live alone when I’m sick like this, now i now family is very important, I really want back home

my parents and family ask me to back home, at elast my mom can take care of me, i very confused about that and then I thinking about that 2 weeks, then decided to move from Jakarta and I not continue my rent room i packing everything then on 10th May i back to Solo to my parents home, I back alone with 3 big travel bag and used train then reach Solo 0n 11 may 2011 home I met with my parents, my mom she is crying and my father he is hug me, oooh i feel so peaceful in this house, thank you my parents. i still try to finish the medicine from doctor and then 13th may i control / check up to Doctor the big hospital in Solo, she read all my sickness chronology, she Check my body and her diagnosis I got sickness “LUPUS” so she ask me to test anti ds-DNA, I very shock about that because I don’t know what kind that sickness then I try to search internet oh God, the sickness is very dangerous, its looks liked cancer, all family i give announce and the are also shock but they still give me spirit. but the doctor also waiting fro the result Anti Ds DNA,

The process waiting test DNA, in home I still so weak, I felt easy tired, my body can’t got sun if got sun will burn, so i only stay in room, then if i walk from my room to kitchen or bathroom i felt so tires, sometimes must use cane..and i still drunk medicine and also my mom made traditional medicine, and it help make me appetite to eat.. while waiting I kept praying I hope the result is negative for “Lupus”, and the day is came and the result is I negative for LuPUS then the doctor ask question back to me “so if you are not sick lupus, what you sick” oh so funny yes I also confused, because this is the last test, and she also could not found my illness, This is my 4th specialist Doctor who handle my sickness and she also can’t find my sickness, because I still not full recovery yet I decide to resign from my job, because i feel unfair if I’m not work but they still pay my salary (thats make some friends jealous).

Then after i told to my family that I negative for Lupus, so I dont have sickness in my body but I so weak and fever, I also don’t know what kind is my illness, so my father said “just praying, praying and praying Try to Closed to God and believe that you will recovered”, then i stop to drunk medicine i only drunk my traditional medicine, Spice traditional (ginger, curcuma etc).

1 week day by day, i start I have power I can Walk from room to bathroom, kitchen etc, i kept drunk everyday and after 2 weeks I can hep my mom, cleaning, cooking, and my weight back to normal again, but I still can’t be too tired. then i can full recovered, i strong, have power now, I really thank to God, He gave me healthy and always thank to Him, Alhamdulillah….


About ngik2

Hi my name is ngik2 I was born at karanganyar central java, and grew up with my family until adult 22 years old, after finished studies I move to jakarta to work. my blog are about my experience thoughts on things, and about all things happen happy and sad I started this blog because I released that there are a lot of things that I’d done in life that i would very much want to remember but somehow, time has taken its toll and i am starting to forget things. This blog is intended to be an online journal, that hopefully in years to come when I look back, I can see how far I’d come. I am also inspired to write this blog after reading some of the other bloggers’ blog, and hope one day my blog will be as inspiring as theirs

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