My sister teko ning JKT


I’m happy during 3 days my young sister visited me, she came to Jakarta for interviewed in JGC company,… she stay in my room the small and hoooooooooooooooooot room haha, we are sleep on same bad hehe we are always gossiping before sleep, talk about guy, about life, about carrier about everything,

and after work we also dinner together, long time we are not like this hehe,, we are very closed each other, and yesterday she left Jakarta, i’m so sad because i’m alone again no gossiping, no girls bothering me again hehe.. take care ya sist and i wish the company accept you so we can stay together in jakarta hehe.. this is our picture but why many people said even though we are family sister but our face is different hehe..


kata temen2 kost kok badannya gedean adheku yah 😦 hehe (adheku yang baju kotak2)


walau kita saudaraan tetapi kenapa banyak orang bilang wajah kita berbeda ya sist hehe…. dulu mungkin ortu kita tehnik membuatnya berbeda kali hehe


About ngik2

Hi my name is ngik2 I was born at karanganyar central java, and grew up with my family until adult 22 years old, after finished studies I move to jakarta to work. my blog are about my experience thoughts on things, and about all things happen happy and sad I started this blog because I released that there are a lot of things that I’d done in life that i would very much want to remember but somehow, time has taken its toll and i am starting to forget things. This blog is intended to be an online journal, that hopefully in years to come when I look back, I can see how far I’d come. I am also inspired to write this blog after reading some of the other bloggers’ blog, and hope one day my blog will be as inspiring as theirs

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