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Congratulation my lil sister


23 12 2012 that a date my sister’s special day because she is married on that day, so i and family also back to solo city to celebrate hers wedding….

she is looks totally different on that day, she is very very pretty… congratulation sist hope you are be keluarga sakinah mawadah warrahmah :)… Amiin walau kamu melangkahin aku tapi I’m happy for you 🙂 because i love you 🙂



Raquel and David


Ya in friday 28 Dec 2012  evening I and my friends (adine and rosa) hangout in KL, and we talk talk until late then beside us are two people foreign…. we can guess that they are a backpacker visit to Indonesia…. ya finaly my friend say hi to them and they are very welcome to us…

yes they are Raquel and David (seem they are a couple hehehe) they are from Portugal .. then we are introduce ourselves, their destination to Bali, lombok etc. they said thi sis the first time they visit Indonesia and talk about Jakarta that they have been whole day, haha they are looks tired and i think not enjoyed in jakarta then we try to tell them that Jakarta actually no good place for vacation, Jakarta is good for business only.. then they agree about that hehe…

Raguel and David enjoy your trip, your holiday and please still keep in touch, if sometimes you are visit Jakarta just tell to us, if we have time we sill bring you/guide you ;).

hahaha nice to meet you guys :), Raquel you are pretty and David also handsome you are good couples 🙂

Junk e-mail folder


today i’m busy with people complain about junk mail, until so many people said that the problem from mail server, but after i checked my mail server are ok. then I check to sender and no problem because no warning about email return….

good messages mistakenly marked as spam and moved to the Junk E-mail folder — can happen, ..
hmm i give them solution to w this folder, recover the missing messages to the Inbox…

To mark a message not spam in the Outlook Junk E-mail folder :

  1. Go to the Junk E-mail folder.
  2. Highlight the message you want to recover.
  3. Click the Not Junk toolbar button.
  4. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl-Alt-J (think junk) or
  5. select Actions | Junk E-mail | Mark as Not Junk… from the menu.
  6. If you want to add the sender of the email you have just recovered to your list of trusted senders, make sure Always trust e-mail from “{email address}” is selected.
  7. Click OK.

Outlook automatically moves the message to your Inbox or the message’s previous folder, where you can tackle it.

gamau terulang lagi


hik hiks aku gatau dengan perasaanku ini, kenapa ya ketika ada cowo yang serius ama aku, tapi aku malah brekele seperti ini..malah aku memilih untuk sendiri, untuk tidak menjalin hubungan dengan siapapun mungkin karena sudah terlalu sering aku mengalami gagal maning gagal maning itu yang membuat trauma takut bangeed untuk memulai hubungan baru karen aku belum siap untuk diitnggal dan disakiti lagi…..

maafkan aku sikapku bgeini ke kamu, aku tau aku kalau kamu itu begitu baik sama akau, kamu care dan pengertian bangeeed ke aku tapi gimana aku takuuuut aku belum bisa memulai hubungan ini, bukan karena aku ga suka ama kamu tapi aku terllau takut kehilangan kamu maka sebaiknya kita tidak usah ada ikatan hubungan..

karena pengalamanku dah lebih dari 12 cowo hanya manis pas pedekate aja tetapi begitu dah serius / jadian pasti kabur tanpa pesan dan aku ga mau itu terjadi pada kita…..

aku tau aku ini pengecut tidak berani mengambil langkah/resiko buruk yang akan aku terima…. aku brekele bandeeeeeed

gatau ah daripada pusing pusing minum obat tidur aj aaaah hayuuuk molooooooooor